“The annual accounting was my total nightmare until I was referred to Jason Cleland by my attorney. He is very fast and efficient and also very nice! I don't dread the process any longer since he handles it for us. Thanks!!!!!!!!”

by Karen Edwards  

“Jason has prepared annual accountings for our firm for years. We will always continue to work with Jason because he is knowledgeable, prompt, and such a nice person to work with. He helps make my job easier, and we truly value the work that he does for us.”

by Jennifer Schneider 

“I am guardian and conservator for my 25 yr old son who has special needs. My son's situation is not complicated and there is little money involved so I imagined that the filing of court documents would be a simple matter. Unfortunately, I found the process very confusing. I was referred to Mr. Cleland by an attorney. Jason professionally guided me through the process accurately, quickly and inexpensively. I am extremely grateful to Jason and am looking forward to his continual guidance.”

by Marvin Mark 

“Here at Bivens & Associates many of our fiduciary clients retain Jason Cleland to prepare their annual conservatorship and trust accountings. Jason provides accurate and timely reports in a professional manner. Jason is well versed and up-to-date with the Maricopa County Superior Court's forms and requirements. We are always happy to work with Jason.”

by Bivens & Associates, PLLC

“Excellent Service

I am conservator for my mother and had no experience with court accounting reports. My mother's financial state and records were a terrible mess to sort through. Jason asked the right questions and was able to put together a court accounting report that the court approved. Thank you Jason for your diligence, patience, and customer service! I highly recommend Jason to those who need this type of service.”

by Robin McClure 

“We are so pleased with the service Jason has given us over the years. He came highly recommended and we couldn't be happier! We wanted to meet him face to face before making our decision and he came to us and sat at our kitchen table discussing our options. He handles our daughers Special Needs trust and can't imagine using anyone else.”

by Ken And Judy Osborn


Mr. Cleland has handled the annual accounting for a court-appointed guardianship/conservatorship for   several years now. It is an especially challenging case as he is in Arizona and I am located in Florida. However, questions are quickly and efficiently answered either by e-mail or telephone and the accounting is always accurate and on-time.”


“Jason has been doing the annual accountings for my daughter's Special Needs Trust for the past several years, after my attorney recommended his work. He does a quality job and is very responsive to any questions or concerns I've asked about. His filings are always completed in a timely manner and he does a high quality job. I highly recommend him.”

by Sue G

“Several years ago our mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Consequently, my sister and I became her legal guardian and conservator. Jason was referred to us by our attorney to complete our mother's annual accounting. From the onset of our relationship Jason has been wonderful. He brings a tremendous amount of knowledge in this area to the table. When he commits to a time frame he keeps it. Even more importantly, the annual accounting report is accurate and complete the first time around. Thus reducing additional court time or filings.  When caring for a loved one it is difficult enough without the added pressure of these required court filings- Jason simplifies this process ten fold. Our family would highly recommend him - he has proven his worth several times over to us!”

by Maggie Turner

“Jason has provided critical court approved accounting for me over the years regarding a Conservatorship that I maintained. He is very responsive and has gone the extra mile to help direct me on where to go to get additional help. Jason is an invaluable resource for me.”

by Kelly Burton


Jason has provided a high level of quality services for me, my firm and clients since 2004. He has always approached a transaction with detail technical analysis and delivered his counsel on the facts in a professional manner. I highly recommend and praise Jason for his skills.”

By Peter F 

“Jason W. Cleland, My Mentor!

I accepted a position preparing fiduciary Court accountings a few years ago. I had, however, no experience with the fiduciary industry, much less preparing accountings for Court supervised clients. Jason taught me not only the basics of how to prepare these accountings, but how to deliver a thorough, accurate, and professional work product. My successful new career is a direct result of his tutelage. I could not be prouder to call Jason Cleland my professional mentor and offer my testimonial to his services and character!”

By Michael S.  

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